Specialty Veterinary Services

In addition to the general veterinary services for dogs and cats offered at Hopkinton Animal Hospital, we also provide a full range of specialty veterinary services: exotic and bird specialty care; TPLO surgery for ACL injuries in dogs; i-131 radioactive iodine therapy for hypothyroidism in cats, and Synovetin OA® for treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. These specialty veterinary services allow us to become the single resource for all of your pet’s medical needs.

Exotics and Bird Specialty Care

Exotic pets have unique needs and our staff is experienced and equipped to handle them.

TPLO surgery for ACL Injuries

Medicine to prevent or diagnose many problems commonly seen in cats, dogs, and exotic pet.

I-131 Radioactive Iodine Therapy

Radioactive Iodine Injection (i-131) is the only cure for hyperthyroidism in cats.

Osteoarthritis Treatment for Dogs

We are excited to be offering a breakthrough new way to treat elbow arthritis in dogs – Synovetin OA®.